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Home Staging Secrets from VOGUE!

This afternoon I came across an article written by Madeleine Luckel in Vogue called, "Home Staging Secrets (and 5 Mistakes to Avoid)." As a design specialist (and a woman), I love to be "up on the times" and keep up vigorously with not only Home Design Blogs, but also Fashion Write-Ups. So, they make some great points, check it out.

Meridith Baer Home   Photo: Courtesy of Cal Bingham /

Meridith Baer Home

Photo: Courtesy of Cal Bingham /

Mistakes to Avoid

“Outdated decor won’t appeal to most buyers who are looking for a fresh start, but furniture scale can kill a deal as well. Too big a sofa and it dwarfs the living space, too small and the furniture might look sparse and float around without much function.”

—Cheryl Eisen, president of Interior Marketing Group

“Extreme colors or patterns on walls, floor, or furniture. Buyers have enough trouble envisioning a space without being distracted by too much color or pattern.”

—Anne Kenney, Anne Kenney Associates

“Dark heavy furniture can close in a room.”

—Gail Dunnett, CEO Studio D

“Frayed upholstery, heavy drapery, and hundreds of family photos.”

—Meridith Baer, Meridith Baer Home

“People often think that if a piece of furniture or artwork was expensive, then it should stay. But honestly, it’s not always about what something costs, but rather how it looks and harmonizes with the style and feel of the other furnishing.”

—Gail Dunnett

That very last bit, the quote from Gail Dunnett, almost had me falling out of my chair laughing, because that is the most truthful of them all. The whole house must be a compilation of progression. The most important aspect of showings is being able to give prospective buyers the impression of their future in the home, not yours.